UAV Propulsion System


Underhood AC Power Generator

Fuel Cell Compressor

Fuel Cell Compressor


Helicopter Air Conditioning System Fan


Crew Ventilation Fans

nuclear power

Trolley Drive Motor


Crew Ventilation Fans

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Fisher Electric Technology

Leaders in 3-Phase Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors & Machines

 Known as innovators in motor design, application engineering and manufacturing, Fisher Electric Technology's 3-phase permanent magnet brushless motors and machines expertise and unique designs for specialized permanent magnet brushless DC motors, DC alternators, DC generators, vane axial fans, tube axial fans, condenser fans and blowers provide the industry’s highest power density and superior performance.


Fisher Electric Technology Electric Machine and Motor Advantages

  • 3-Phase, Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors expertise for high performanc
  • Durability and robustness for severe environments built in
  • Painstakingly engineered and fabricated to efficiently remove unavoidable internal heat
  • Simplicity of design: fewer parts mean fewer things can go wrong

Custom Application Engineering for All Industries
Where size, weight, and performance are critical, Fisher Electric provides engineered solutions for the toughest application challenges across all industries, including Aerospace, Industrial, Military and Transportation applications:

  • DC Motors & DC Alternators
  • Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless Motors, Alternators and Generators
  • Vane Axial Fans, Tube Axial Fans, Condenser Fans, Specialty Fans
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
  • Blowers

Our engineers and designers offer you a full range of fast-turn customization, value engineering, modeling and testing as part of our extensive electric machine solutions.

Fisher Electric Technology electric machines, permanent magnet brushless motors, DC alternators, DC generators, vane axial fans, tube axial fans, condenser fans, auxiliary power units (APUs) and blowers can be found in military, aerospace, industrial and transportation equipment around the world:


Contact Fisher Electric Technology now to discuss your next electric machine and motor
design, engineering and manufacturing project: