UAV Propulsion System


Underhood AC Power Generator

Fuel Cell Compressor

Fuel Cell Compressor


Helicopter Air Conditioning System Fan


Crew Ventilation Fans

nuclear power

Trolley Drive Motor


Crew Ventilation Fans

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Your Best Choice for the Toughest Motor & Alternator Applications

Fisher Electric's permanent magnet brushless machines, DC motors, axial fans and blowers are "smart-engineered" to be smaller, lighter and more durable than others available, to exceed environmental and thermal requirements. As a result, Fisher PM Brushless products are designed to be the most economical applications solution to address your motor specifications.

 We offer extensive engineering know-how in a variety of electric motors and electric machine applications (click to view actual application examples of our rugged, long-life DC motors):

  • DC Motors
  • DC Alternators
  • Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motors
  • Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Alternators
  • Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Generators
  • Vane Axial Fans
  • Tube Axial Fans
  • Condenser Fans
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
  • Blowers

Our design innovation and versatility in 3-phase permanent magnet motors, alternators, DC vane and tube axial fans have been sought out by clients in a variety of commercial, industrial and government sectors for more than 20 years!  Our applications can be found in a variety of equipment found in these and many other industries and equipment:

  • Aerospace
  • Hydraulic and Coolant Pumps
  • Aviation
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Compressors
  • Helicopters
  • Military
  • Mobile Power
  • ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
  • Tidal and Wave Power
  • Transportation
  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

 Contact Fisher Electric now to take advantage of its experience and engineering expertise to meet your application-specific design!

Contact Fisher Electric Technology now to discuss your next electric machine and
motor design, engineering applications project: